March 9, 2020 - Update 179

Trash Dog Event # 179
Winchuck and Mt Emily Roads
Saturday, February 15, 2020

Saturday, 1-15-2020 , eleven Trash Dogs completed a busy week of trash collection and road-
side cleanup of abandoned camps. Two trailer loads and one pickup load included several
tents, tires, large tarps, fire wood, and coolers of spoiled food, blankets and a dozen bags of
garbage near Ludlum House. An abandoned car at Wheelers Grave was recovered and
disposed of by Wes’ Towing.



On the Mt Emily road it was a different story. No campsites, just piles of household garbage
including carpeting, a barbeque grill, a kitchen range, a bed frame, several mattresses, clothes,
kitchen ware and a dozen bags of garbage, enough to fill a trailer and pickup.



Total charges for removal and disposal for Trash Event # 179 were $169.62
Thanks to Trash Dogs, Elizabeth and Kevin Hooper, Mark Anderson, CeCe Johnson, James
Fournier, Steve Lowe, Marty Van Otterloo, Gary Maschmeyer, Wayne Sundin, Victor Ortega,
Jerry Sweeney and Ed Gross.

Ed Gross for the Dogs

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